• We at GRBS feel that our building system is far superior to wood frame for many reasons. It is termite proof, air-tight, noise isolating, thermally isolating (starting at R50 for a 10in wall), it is resistant  to molds and mildew. The non-combustible coating applied to both the interior and exterior of the structure provides a superior fire proofing  material.
  • The durability of the structure has shown to be significantly stronger than wood frame, and is equivalent to CMU construction. The longevity of the concrete coatings have been proven to outlast wood frame construction as well.
  • Wood veneer, wood beams and many other wood elements can be incorporated into your building if desired. We wish to do our part by encouraging the use of recycled wood products and by not using old growth timbers in our designs.
  • Yes. If you can afford to build a typical wood framed house you can afford GRBS. With GRBS you are getting all the qualities of a CMU construction at the price point of wood framed.
  • One major factor in delivering such a competitive, and in our opinion superior, value is the beautiful simplicity of the system, comprising of just 4 materials.  Labor often accounts for a significant portion of any project’s budget, but with the Green Rhino system most buildings can be pre-cut at our factory and then assembled on site with light construction equipment. The light weight yet structural foam makes the Green Rhino Building System easy for two or three individuals to construct an entire structure without assistance. With an average size construction crew, we estimate the building time to construct the structure should be reduced by as much as 30%.
  • Because of the exceptional thermal properties we estimate a reduction in energy usage of at least 50%. We can also design and build to reduce your energy costs by more if you desire. By adding solar panels and/or wind turbines to your project you may realize a net positive in energy production.
  • We are able to keep the costs of our system low by simplifying the building structure and eliminating materials not necessary to the design. By custom engineering each building we focus on the needed elements and eliminate the unnecessary ones.
  • The building system is constructed out of large custom-made panels cut to size in our factory for your particular project. These panels are made from a proprietary material unique to the Green Rhino Building System and provide superior insulation along with an impenetrable barrier to keep out the elements. The panels are assembled and reassembled at our factory to assure a perfect fit. At your site they are assembled on your foundation prepared from our drawings and constructed to our Engineers calculations. After the basic structure has been assembled and all inspections by your local Building Dept. and our Engineers is completed, a team of licensed professionals will install a structural coating, both inside and outside of the building.
  • Yes, our buildings can be constructed in almost any habitable climate by do-it-yourselfers or a licensed contractor. Easy to follow instructions are provided with every design. Engineers and Building Technicians will be available via the Internet or by phone 24/7. Assistance can also be provided by a team of GRBS professionals that will come to your location and assist you with a portion of your project or the complete project.
  • The Green Rhino Building System is  different and does take special tools to construct. They are very easy to use however and can be purchased from GRBS. Information on proper usage and maintenance will be provided with every order.
  • The Green Rhino Building System is a far simpler and cohesive design that has all the benefits of SCIPS without the downsides. SCIPS structures are assembled from a multitude of panels pre-coated in concrete that create a final building with many joints in it’s skin, each of which can fail. However, GRBS is a “seamless skin” design where, once assembled and then coated with our proprietary concrete-like coating, the shell is uniform, like that of an egg’s, with no seams. We have created an airtight and watertight membrane that insures the superior longevity of our product, and thus your building, over other systems.


Truly, the only limit is your budget.

  • Yes. We offer a hybrid foam and concrete system with internal channels that act as built in concrete forms creating vertical concrete columns at regular intervals; insulated on all sides with foam. Resulting in an even higher structurally sound, and thermally broken, wall. Plus no time consuming and wasteful plywood forms are used at any step of the process.
  • Yes, and quite easily. The system is so light and rigid that it take little to no additional reinforcement to span up to 23ft with a 2ft thick slab of foam.
  • Most commonly it is the Engineer of Record as the engineering of the system needs to respect the loads of the building as well as wind and seismic loads. We do have engineers experienced with GRBS that we can take on as part of the consulting.

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