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Green Rhino Building Systems, LLC was founded in November, 2006. The company formed by Daniel B. Dwyer is a Limited Liability Corporation with principle offices located in Phoenix, Arizona and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

From November, 2006 to present GRBS has been undertaking the research and development of the Green Rhino Building Systems and has been exploring many innovative ideas surrounding our various proprietary construction methods.

Mr. Dwyer has been involved in residential construction for more than 40 years, with a specific interest in Sustainable Building Systems. His experience with (ICF)s and (SIPS)s, along with straw bale and rammed earth has been a valuable asset in the development of the Green Rhino Building Systems. With his experience in restoring adobe houses, to his experience in designing & building million dollar custom homes, Mr. Dwyer has perfected his skills as a professional builder. A knowledge achieved only by years of experience with hands-on building and supervising experience.

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We offer a building material that is unlike any other on the market. With vast flexibility in design and potential to scale, the only limit is your vision and creativity.

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