GRBS Wall System VS Typical Wall

Welcome To The Superior  Wood Frame Alternative!

High Density Foam Structurally Reinforced With Concrete Like Coating

A unique hybrid of combining a number of proven elements from the SCIPS & ICF systems to achieve a commercially desirable product that lends itself to the green building industry. Green Rhino has a number of proprietary ingredients that make it a one of a kind building product that is fire resistant, hurricane resistant, mold resistant, and noise dampening. GRBS is equivalent to typical CMU construction in strength but at a fraction of the weight, cost, and with incredible thermal r-values: R-50/10in wall.


In addition to the high strength and thermal qualities of Green Rhino, our panels can be computer designed and cut for the specific application desired leading to extreme precision and speed. Assembly of the panels can be as simple as stacking them to the desired height and then coating the exterior with our proprietary structural reinforced concrete-like coating.

The desired structure can be assembled at the building site or at factory locations in modular form to be shipped and lifted into position with minimal effort and cost. The proprietary coatings can also be applied in the field or at a factory location.

GRBS is your secret to success!